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EPX180L Dry pump 208V E73 TIM 3/8 water connector A41941312

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EPX180L Dry pump 208V E73 TIM 3/8 water connector A41941312 EPX180L Dry pump EPX Vacuum Dry Pumps EDWARDS Semiconductor Dry Pumps
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The EPX series uses a unique, patented, single-shaft regenerative/Holweck® stage mechanism that makes them capable of pumping from atmosphere to ultimate pressures of < 1x10-4 mbar or < 1x10-6mbar depending on model. They are ideal for applications where a better base pressure is required than can be delivered by a typical primary pump and where otherwise a turbomolecular pump and primary pump would be required and also for applications that cycle frequently from atmosphere to low pressures as they can operate continuously at all inlet pressures.

Features & Benefits:
Compact footprint – the EPX is more compact than the equivalent turbomolecular pump and primary pump combination. 
Low cost of ownership – zero routine maintenance with a 5 year service interval. 
Unique patent protected pumping mechanism – the EPX can pump down from atmosphere to turbomolecular base pressure and can operate continuously at all inlet pressures. No separate “rough pumping” required. 
Ultra clean mechanism – EPX pumps have no grease or oil under vacuum and present no other source of potential contamination. 
Extremely reliable – based on field proven IPX technology, the EPX has a MTBFp = 13 years (SEMI E10) with service periods of around every 5 years to maximize the life of the pump. 
Water cooled – low environmental heat load 
Low noise and vibration – better working environment. Ideal for vibration sensitive environments.

Technical Data:
Peak speed 170 m3h-1
  105 ft3min-1
  2835 lmin-1
Ultimate vacuum  
  <1 x 104 mbar
  <7.5 x 10-5 Torr
  <1 x 10-2 Pa
Warm-up time (to nominal performance) 30 min
Inlet flange ISO63
Outlet flange NW25
Noise <59 dB(A)
Water connectors 3/8 in Quick
Minimum cooling water flow rate 2 lm-1
Cooling water temperature 15 – 35 °C
Electrical Supply 200/208 V, 50/60 Hz 3 phase
Power at ultimate 1.4 kW
Rated motor power 3.0 kW
Weight 43.5 kg

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