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Diffstak 160/700C, 110-125 V, 1Ø, 50/60 Hz

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Diffstak 160/700C, 110-125 V, 1Ø, 50/60 Hz Unvalved Diffstak 160/700C Vapour Pump Diffstak Vapour Pumps EDWARDS Oil Vapor Diffusion Pumps
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The compact water-cooled Diffstak pumps with an integral cooled baffle offer exceptionally clean pumping with very low backstreaming, reduced outgassing, and a reduction in the number of elastomer seals required for installation.

The Edwards Diffstak 160 (ISO160 inlet) design has been proven over many years with thousands of pumps installed.

This pump has an unvalved ISO collar inlet flange and is supplied with: NW25 elbow, NW25 centering-ring, NW25 clamp, water pipe couplings and ferrules, inlet ISO 160 Co-Seal.

Technical Data

Pumping speed  
nitrogen 760 l s-1
hydrogen 1410 l s-1
Min backing pump displacement* 12 m3h-1
Recommended backing pump RV12 or E2M18
Recommended fluid Santovac® 5
Fluid charge (dry) 250 ml
Inlet connection  
160/700C ISO160
160/700F 8 inch
Backing connection NW25
Cooling water connection 10 mm compression fittings
Heater power 1.35 kW
Min cooling-water flow at 20°C 115 l h-1
160/700C 18kg
160/300F 20kg

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